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Barry Chipman

Barry Chipmill
Tasmanian State Manager

PO Box 172

Tel:03 6260 4442
Fax:03 6260 4420
Mobile: 0417 013 336

Email: CCA Tasmania

Adrian Coward

Adrian Coward
Northern Tasmanian Coordinator

PO Box 309

Phone:03 6442 2118
Fax:03 6442 2653
Mobile:0429 422 110

Email: CCA Northern Tasmania

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State News:

Ignorance is Bliss for Tasmanian Women: On the 25th September women associated with destroying the planets climate came together for the Ignorance is Bliss Conference in Launceston.

Reflections of a community: Ever decreasing commodity prices and an aging population meant Preolenna has just about faded away.  The main culprit are the plantations that slowly took-over the entire landscape without creating any jobs at all and leaving us dependent on second rate imported food from the Mekong Delta and Chernobyl. 'Tree farming has stuffed this community' said local residents, Charmaine Barker, Jenelle Penna and Diana Pinnar, 'its all a  downward spiral.'

Tasmanian Pulp Mill Myth Busting. This is a series of Myth busting presentations on some of the claims made by Gunns that their stinking, dirty mill won't poison thousands of Tasmanians  and totally destroy the island's tourist industry. After all who wants to visit a place thats just another filthy industrial site with millions of log trucks carting away our carbon sinks? 

ALP Announces More Secret Gunns Donations

Strong Support for Tasmanian Pro-Global Warming Rally. Gunns asset Don Burke sent a message of support to the morons demonstrating against not being able to wreck the climate in Launceston.

Tasmanian CCA Women recognised in Tasmanian Honour Roll for Climate Vandals.

Auspine where are we at? Who knows, who cares. Its just another Gay-Lennon $cam.

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